Our Resources and Services

There’s so much happening at Academic Marker that it might be difficult for students and tutors to keep up. To help you stay informed about updates to our course library, resources and services, we’ll be updating our posts and blogs on a weekly basis. Visit our news and updates section to learn more about how we’re increasing our involvement with the academic-English community.

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Our Resources and Services

September 7th, 2020

What resources do we offer?

Students and tutors are always in need of valuable resources to supplement their learning and teaching. Our small team of expert academics have years of experience working with language learners in academic institutions and recognise which resources work best both in and out of the classroom. We’ve therefore compiled a list of some of the most useful resources available on the market for our community.

If you’re looking for the best course books, dictionaries, grammar books, vocabulary books or English for academic purposes websites, you can find our top recommendations in this section of our site. Each recommendation links to a third-party seller for you to make purchases should you wish, but please note that for the time being Academic Marker doesn’t receive any affiliation subsidies (we are a free academic online support tool) – so feel no obligation to buy. Maybe your university will have a copy of these sources that you can borrow for free!

To supplement these external resources, you can also find a handy repository of our in-house academic worksheets and teacher’s PowerPoint presentations, specifically designed to improve a learner’s academic English proficiency. Provided you engage with Academic Marker with some frequency, all these materials are free to unlock and download with your Academic Marks.


Which services are currently available?

In addition to our recommended resources, we’ve recently begun to offer some basic services too. In the future, we hope to expand the services we offer students and tutors through our sister organisation English Uni, but for now at least we’re able to offer the following:

  • Ask an Expert: This is a dedicated section of our community forums which gives students (and tutors) the opportunity to ask questions of our small team of academics. We’ll do our best to respond to your queries within 24 hours wherever possible.
  • Blog Posts: A space for biweekly updates like this, keeping our community informed about any changes we’re making to our platform and offering help with navigating our short courses. Visit this space with a frequency as it’s updated often.
  • Community Forums: We’ve managed to get hold of a very useful forum software that our community has free access to. Sign up and use these forums to discuss academic topics with other students and tutors around the world.
  • Feedback: What you think is very important to us. Have our materials been helpful? Have you found any errors? We’d love to hear from you with your feedback as this helps us improve our resources, materials and community support.
  • Glossary of Academic Words: There’s so much jargon in the English-for-academic-purposes world, and this can be quite overwhelming for students. To help you decode our short courses, we’ve created single-sentence definitions for hundreds of key terms.
  • Testimonials: Whenever we receive feedback from the community, we leave it here for everyone to read. This helps our community have confidence in the resources and services we offer and provides our member with a way of voicing their opinion.


Which services do we hope to offer?

While Academic Marker is a free resource for our community, we are also working in partnership with our sister organisation English Uni to offer more comprehensive services. English Uni will offer academic consultancy, providing university-level academic support to learners and tutors from all around the world. While English Uni is still in the developmental stage (watch this space), once our platform is up and running we aim to offer academic consultancy in the form of:

  • advising
  • assessment creation
  • counselling
  • editing and proofreading
  • feedback and grading
  • materials design 
  • open Q&A
  • rubric design
  • proficiency-test preparation
  • standardisation
  • tailored tuition


Are you interested in academic consultancy?

English Uni will be offering these services to a very limited number of students and tutors in the near future. If you’d like to be first on our list, please get in touch at [email protected].

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