Course – Advanced Grammar

Advanced Grammar

This course explores the form, function and distribution of English words, phrases, clauses and sentences.

 up to 24 units across 6 topics

 55+ hours of self-guided “microlearning”

 450+ intermediate to advanced activities

develops advanced English, academic knowledge, study skills, critical thinking and autonomous learning

This engaging, interactive course has hundreds of e-learning activities that offer instruction and practice in using advanced grammar structures and avoiding ungrammatical words and phrases.

Learn about the adjectives, nouns and verbs that are most common in academic essays, dissertations or presentations, and develop competence in identifying appropriate form, meaning, function and structure, as well as in recognising sentence run-ons, sentence fragments, comma splices and other punctuation errors.

Whether teaching or studying, and whatever your major, this comprehensive course is proven to be useful for improving academic skills and a knowledge of advanced-level written and spoken English.

Explore units about:

Word Forms

Verb Functions

Phrase Functions

Sentence Clauses

Sentence Structures

Punctuation Marks

Complete this course to:

+ improve confidence in fixing advanced grammar errors

+ develop competence in forming and using accurate affixes, words, phrases, clauses and sentences

+ gain experience in identifying grammatical structures in authentic academic texts

+ better understand how to punctuate phrases, dependent clauses, independent clauses and conjunctive adverbs

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