Course – Assessment Strategies

Assessment Strategies

This course provides guidance and strategies for succeeding in university-level assessments.

up to 22 units across 6 topics

50+ hours of self-guided “microlearning”

350+ intermediate to advanced activities

develops advanced English, academic knowledge, study skills, critical thinking and autonomous learning

This engaging, interactive course has hundreds of e-learning activities that offer instruction and guidance in approaching university-level assessments.

Learn about the different assignment and examination types that students are most frequently tasked with during their degree, such as essays, presentations, laboratory reports, interviews and discussions. Explore tips-for-success, strategies for overcoming assessment challenges, and advice about responding to errors and tutor or peer feedback.

Whether new to university or in your final year, this comprehensive course should help you to prepare for the expectations and demands of both formative and summative academic assessments.

Explore units about:



Laboratory Reports

Language Tests

Oral Assessments


Complete this course to:

+ improve confidence in completing university-level assessments

+ develop strategies for succeeding in coursework and examinations

+ gain experience in writing essays, drafting scripts and notecards, completing experiments and designing effective visual aids

+ better understand how to learn from feedback, write under pressure and structure academic assignments

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