Course – Essay Writing

Essay Writing

This course builds competencies in drafting essay types, argument structures and paragraph elements.  

up to 24 units across 5 topics

50+ hours of self-guided “microlearning”

400+ intermediate to advanced activities

develops advanced English, academic knowledge, study skills, critical thinking and autonomous learning

This engaging, interactive course has hundreds of e-learning activities that offer instruction and practice in researching, planning, drafting, editing and proofreading academic style essays.

Learn about how best to approach the writing process and how key essay elements such as thesis statements, topic sentences, claims and supporting details help to create a concise and coherent argument structure, one that is able to demonstrate writer stance, source voice and concession and rebuttal structures. 

Whether you are studying or teaching at the university level, wish to publish in academia, or simply hope to improve your writing ability, this comprehensive course is carefully designed to improve academic skills and advanced written-English proficiency.

Explore units about:

The Essay Writing Process

Writing Introductions

Drafting Body Sections

Creating Conclusions

Dissertations and Theses

Complete this course to:

+ improve confidence in deconstructing academic essays

+ become familiar with the various essay elements (thesis statements), sections (introductions) and types (problem-solution)

+ develop skills in researching, planning, drafting, editing and proofreading short and extended essays

+ better understand how to form academic style through the use of functional language and academic words and collocations

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