Course – Source Referencing

Source Referencing

This course explains how to cite, reference, use different referencing styles and follow academic conduct.  

up to 18 units across 4 topics

 40+ hours of self-guided “microlearning”

300+ intermediate to advanced activities

develops advanced English, academic knowledge, study skills, critical thinking and autonomous learning

This engaging, interactive course has hundreds of e-learning activities, offering instruction and practice in avoiding misconduct and plagiarism through correct source acknowledgement.

Whether your course requires Harvard, Chicago or Oxford style referencing, learn how to build and format accurate citations, reference lists, footnotes, quotations, appendices and bibliographies. Discover how to use similarity-checking software and referencing-management software and how to overcome some of the trickiest referencing challenges, such as having absent source details.

Whatever your purpose is for referencing, whether for an assignment or publication, this comprehensive course is certain to improve your academic skills and accuracy when acknowledging sources.

Explore units about:

Academic Conduct

Referencing Features

Referencing Challenges

Referencing Styles

Complete this course to:

+ learn how to follow correct academic conduct and practices when writing and submitting assignments

+ become familiar with a variety of referencing features and styles

+ develop an ability to build comprehensive reference lists, vary citations effectively and format quotations accurately

+ become better able to overcome referencing challenges

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