Lab – Listening

Listening Lab

This lab offers practise in general and academic listening strategies using authentic listening texts.

 up to 36 tasks across 12 topics

50+ hours of self-guided “microlearning”

350+ intermediate to advanced activities

 develops advanced English, academic knowledge, study skills, critical thinking and autonomous learning

This interactive lab has hundreds of e-learning activities that offer practice in gist, specific and inference listening skills, encouraging an active use of the strategies that help achieve listening success.

Use this lab to practice listening skills and strategies for a variety of authentic audio texts, with engaging and up-to-date topics that provide a foundation for controlled and freer practice in preparatory, synchronous and reflective listening activities.

Whether you are a tutor, a language learner, or your major is Business, Economics, English or Engineering, our engaging listening lab helps support university-level studies in advanced English through the development of academic skills.

Explore tasks about:

A Numbers Game Accessing the Arts

Being the 1% Designing the Future

Equality and Freedoms Evolving Technologies

Fighting for Peace Healthy Living

Language Perceptions Natural Disasters

The Environment Crisis The Space Race

Use this lab to:

+ improve listening ability in a variety of authentic contexts, with topics such as ‘evolving technologies’ and ‘the environment crisis’

+ practice listening for gist, specific detail and inference listening with pre-, during and post-listening activities

+ develop skills in memorising and recalling audial information

+ learn to better prepare for and reflect upon advanced-level academic listening texts and topics

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