Lab – Vocabulary

Vocabulary Lab

This lab practises techniques related to academic style and checks functional and high-frequency vocabulary.

 up to 30 tasks across 5 topics

45+ hours of self-guided “microlearning”

300+ intermediate to advanced activities

 develops advanced English, academic knowledge, study skills, critical thinking and autonomous learning

This interactive lab has hundreds of e-learning activities that offer practice in recognising, forming and memorising academic vocabulary and lexical relations.

Use this lab to practice the conjunctions, nouns and verbs that are most common in academic essays, dissertations and presentations, and develop competence in identifying the informal language structures that should be avoided as well as the subject-specific vocabulary that should be exemplified and explained.

For anyone looking to improve their academic skills, knowledge and English proficiency, our engaging vocabulary lab is proven to develop competencies that support advanced written and spoken English.

Explore tasks about:

Academic Words

Essay Language

Informal Language

Word Relations

Subject-Specific Vocabulary

Use this lab to:

+ improve confidence in advanced-English vocabulary

+ develop competence in forming and using accurate words and phrases, particularly in academic contexts

+ gain experience in using antonyms, synonyms and polysemes to enhance written and spoken texts

+ better know, memorise and apply the subject-specific vocabulary that relates to a given major of study

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