Reading Practice

Looking for intermediate to advanced English reading practice? We’ve created a variety of reading tasks and professional worksheets to improve your reading skills, accessible for only a few Academic Marks. Select a topic below, download the text, and then unlock the pre-reading, while reading, and post-reading tasks to check your understanding.

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Accessing the Arts

Topic 1: Censorship in the Media

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 1,087 words

Description: A relatively brief academic article about the different types of media censorship that exist and how different countries censor their publications. 

Topic 2: Tackling Media Piracy

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 1,005 words

Description: A short academic discussion about global music-piracy policies and how developing countries benefit from having free (or cheaper) access. 

The Environment

Topic 1: The Future of Lithium

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 1,396 words

Description: A medium-length academic article about the many uses of lithium, particularly focusing on its use in rechargeable batteries and environmental impact. 

Topic 2: The Rise of Veganism

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 1,396 words

Description: A medium-length academic article about the popularity of veganism and its potential ability to save the world’s environment and ecology.

Language Variation

Topic 1: Accent Perceptions

Difficulty: Advanced

Length: 1,238 words (+ references)

Description: A medium-length academic article discussing accents in the United Kingdom, exploring how people form opinions and prejudices based on pronunciation. 

Topic 2: Cameroon Pidgin English

Difficulty: Advanced

Length: 1,084 words (+ references)

Description: A short academic article introducing pidgin and creole languages, focusing specifically on a West-African variety called Cameroon Pidgin English.

The Space Race

Topic 1: Designing Spaceships

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 1,279 words

Description: A discussion into the various factors that are important when designing spaceships and preparing for interstellar space travel. 

Topic 2: Living in Space

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 1,382 words

Description: A mid-length article about the demands of extended periods aboard space stations on the human physiology and psychology.