Skills Practice

This is where you’ll find short Skills Practice courses for students and teachers on topics such as listening, speaking, researching and writing. Start studying with our free courses and professional materials by clicking on one of the seven images pictured below. Academic Marker’s lessons and materials have been carefully designed to improve English proficiency and academic confidence.

Listening Skills

Listening practice activities and short courses on academic listening skills.

Reading Skills

Information about skim and scan reading, reading speed, practice texts and more.

Research Skills

Lessons on finding appropriate sources, judging source value, and using libraries.

Presentation Skills

Body language, delivery, visual aids and others aspects that help you present.

Pronunciation Skills

Guidance about sounding natural through articulation, intonation, stress and more.

Study Skills

Courses about collusion, plagiarism, notetaking, summarising and other topics.

Writing Skills

Lessons on proofreading, synthesising sources, extended definitions and more.