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Would you like to read some example essays? We’ve created a variety of essays and professional worksheets to test your English ability, all of which are accessible for only a few Academic Marks. Select a topic below, download the essay, and then unlock the grammar, vocabulary and writing tasks to check your understanding.

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Cause and Effect Essays

Topic 1: Preliminary-Year Programmes

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 898 words

Question: More and more English-medium universities are introducing preliminary-year programmes for non-native speakers of English. What are the causes of this, and what effects have these programmes had on students?

Compare and Contrast Essays

Topic 1: Online and F2F Degrees

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 990 words

Question: Compare and contrast online and face-to-face undergraduate degrees in terms of their course content and student learning experience.

Evaluative Essays

Topic 1: Global Warming

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 1,122 words

Question: Global warming is a relatively new phenomenon that may be providing more advantages than disadvantages for the future of healthy ecosystems on this planet. Discuss.

Problem-Solution Essays

Topic 1: Solving Air Pollution

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 1,044 words

Question: What are the main problems associated with air quality in developing countries, and how might these issues be resolved?

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