What are the most common prefixes in academic writing?

This is the third and final chapter about Prefixes. To complete this course, read each lesson carefully and then unlock and complete our materials to check your understanding.   

– Categorise prefixes by word class (noun, verb and adjective)

– Provide a list of the most common academic prefixes

– Use examples to clarify meaning for the learner

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Chapter 3

By now you should understand the various purposes of prefixes and can recognise their different types, but you may not yet know which prefixes you’re most likely to need when using English at the university level. The following tables therefore provide the prefix, the word meaning, and examples of the words themselves to assist you in recognising and using academic nouns, verbs and adjectives.


1. Common Academic Noun Prefixes

Nouns are easily the most common word class that you’ll be needing when studying English, particularly when writing formally such as in academic writing. 


2. Common Academic Verb Prefixes

While verbs are not quite as common or varied as nouns, it’s still important to use them correctly every time – and to understand how to manipulate this word class.


3. Common Academic Adjective Prefixes

Prefixes 3.3 Academic Adjective Prefixes

Finally, adjectival prefixes may also be used with some frequency during your academic career, particularly in combination with noun phrases.


Once you’ve mastered how to understand, recognise and use such prefixes in your speech and writing, you should be able to recognise vocabulary more easily in the future. To test yourself, perhaps spend a few Academic Marks to download and complete the beginner-, intermediate- and advanced-level worksheets for this topic. 

To reference this reader:

Academic Marker (2022) Prefixes. Available at: https://academicmarker.com/grammar-practice/affixes/prefixes/ (Accessed: Date Month Year).

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