Parallel Structures

You’ve found Academic Marker’s short course about parallel structures. Complete the two lessons provided below and then consider spending a few Academic Marks in our materials and media section to check your understanding. And if you still need a little more help with Phrases, you can always visit the community to ask other students and teachers.

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Once you’ve completed both lessons in this short course about Parallel Structures, you might then wish to download our Lesson Worksheets to check your progress or print for your students. These professional PDF worksheets can be easily accessed for only a few Academic Marks.

Lesson 1 explores the topic: What is parallel structure in English grammar? Our Lesson 1 Worksheet (containing guidance, activities and answer keys) can be accessed here at the click of a button.

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Lesson 2 explores the topic: Which 5 tips for correct parallel structure are best? Our Lesson 2 Worksheet (containing guidance, activities and answer keys) can be accessed here at the click of a button. 

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To save yourself 1 Mark, click on the button below to gain unlimited access to all of our Parallel Structures Lesson Worksheets. This All-in-1 Pack includes every lesson, activity and answer key related this topic in one handy and professional PDF.

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There are currently no PowerPoint activities, additional teacher resources or audio and video recordings created for this topic. Please come back again next semester.


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