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Academic Marker has hundreds of hours of independent study in its three e-learning pathways, designed to supplement in-class tuition and further develop knowledge and communicative skills. To unlock new courses, activities and downloadables, either sign up and collect daily Academic Marks or enrol for full access.

Academic courses and units, with videos, activities, quizzes, assignments and more.

About the Course Library

Short interactive lab tasks that practice skills such as listening, writing and grammar.

About the Practice Labs

Learning through reading, with hundreds of academic topics, chapters and worksheets.

About the Reading Hub

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Our team of experienced English and academic skills tutors are here to understand and support your educational needs. Whether you’d like to reserve private tuition, join group workshops and programmes or design learning materials, we offer a wide variety of quality-assured services in our three teaching centres. 

For developing successful academic skills, strategies and assignments.

Tuition and workshops, available for all levels of English language learner.

Expert guidance from the two founders and heads of Academic Marker.

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In addition to our e-learning pathways and teaching centres, we’ve collected a number of extra resources that might be helpful for your studies. From book and website recommendations to marking rubrics, dictionaries and glossaries, each resource is selected to improve English proficiency and academic confidence.

Our self-guided EAP rubric checks grades and assesses skills and strengths.

A helpful Academic Marker error-correction code for giving EAP essay feedback.

Hundreds of single-sentence definitions for key English and academic skills terms.

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