Is Academic Marker for me?

Every course, activity, resource and service offered by Academic Marker is designed to assist our growing community with the transition to university and beyond. If you speak English and can answer “yes” to any of the following statements, you are welcome to join our community and access free educational materials: 

I wish to enhance my English vocabulary, grammar and confidence.

I wish to improve my academic knowledge, skills and style.

I am a high school student preparing to apply for or enter university. 

I am a university student completing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree. 

I am a recent graduate whose job requires advanced English proficiency. 

I am a tutor preparing to teach essay writing, academic skills or EAP. 

What study pathways do we offer? 

Here at Academic Marker, we’ve carefully developed hundreds of educational resources that encourage and support autonomous learning and skills enhancement. To ensure success, we cater for the various needs and learning styles of our community members by offering three “microlearning” study pathways. These pathways are our Course Library, Practice Labs and Reading Hub.

The Course Library contains dozens of interactive “microlearning” units, each offering helpful instruction on sometimes-complex academic-English topics. These units support effective learning through video tutorials, audio and written texts, knowledge checks, quizzes, assignments and other activities.  

For those who already have a good level of academic knowledge and are more focussed on improving skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary), our varied Practice Labs offer authentic input texts and “microlearning” activities to enhance academic skills in an interactive and productive way. 

The hundreds of chapters and worksheets contained in our Reading Hub form a growing collection of informative Academic Readers, each of which is designed to improve academic knowledge and English-language proficiency. Focussed on learning-by-reading, this hub tends to be particularly useful for EAP tutors. 

Do we offer personalised support?

Yes, to further support our community members, we also provide (on a limited, premium basis) a number of tailored services to ensure English mastery and academic success. These include:

+ personal/institutional subscriptions for full access to our study pathways

+ feedback on written and spoken texts (such as essays and presentations) 

+ online advice, counselling and tuition for English and academic needs 

+ materials creation and design, teacher training, and technical support

Collect Academic Marks

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Can our materials be shared? 

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we recommend that our community shares our content:

Can the community help out?

Because we’re only a small team here at Academic Marker, we’re always on the lookout for extra assistance from our community. If you’re a tutor who’s interested in designing and sharing materials or offering tailored academic support, contact us to let our team know. Similarly, any student who has constructive feedback (positive or negative) about our materials and services is encouraged to get in touch. As it’s only through community support that we can improve the materials and services we offer, we warmly thank our community for their trust, feedback and contributions.

Academic Marker

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