About Academic Marker

Whether you’re a non-native speaker of English, have just started your first degree, or are a new teacher or experienced university lecturer, you’ve probably found Academic Marker because you’re looking for information and materials about English and life as an academic. Perhaps you wish to chat in our friendly community forums, or maybe you’d like to learn more about grammar, vocabulary or . Whatever your purposes are for visiting, here you’ll find a clear and easy-to-access library of lessons and resources, language examples, academic advice and rewarding activities.

Academic Marker was created at the end of 2018 for those studying or teaching primarily in English at academic institutions. We’ve been students, teachers, course convenors and published authors ourselves, and so we know through decades of experience what it really means to be part of an academic community and how challenging that experience can be – particularly in a second language. Recently, our group of global academics decided that the best thing to do with this knowledge and experience was to freely pass it on to you. By carefully designing lessons, materials and services, our professionals aim to improve your overall English language, skills, knowledge and grades, while making your life as an academic that little bit easier. 

To keep our services as accessible as possible, our experts created Academic Marks for students to collect and use within our community. These marks will help you access our downloadable worksheets, PowerPoint materials and jobs boards, and will allow you to enrol on a course, submit proofreading or perhaps arrange an academic tutorial. To get you started in unlocking these useful services, we provide ten marks for joining our community – plus an additional three marks for every day that you log in. As “a marker of academic excellence”, let Academic Marker guide you toward English success.