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1. What is Academic Marker?

Academic Marker is a self-guided e-learning platform for achieving advanced English proficiency and academic success. We offer study pathways and learning support that help students and tutors feel best prepared for the transition to university and beyond. Whether you’re a native or non-native speaker, our comprehensive and consistent educational toolkit is designed to meet teaching and learning needs.


Our pathways develop competence in:

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

written, spoken and study strategies

autonomy, criticality and reflective learning

grammar, vocabulary and academic style

learning methods and educational technology

2. Who is Academic Marker for?

If you speak some English (CEFR B2+ / IELTS 5.5+ / TOEFL 46+) and can answer “yes” to any of the below statements, then you’re more than welcome to sign up and gain free access to our self-guided, e-learning resources:

I wish to enhance my English vocabulary, grammar and confidence

I wish to improve my general knowledge, study skills and academic style

I am preparing to enter an English-medium institution (perhaps abroad)

I am a university student completing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree

I am a tutor preparing to teach essay writing, academic skills or EAP

I am a recent graduate whose job requires advanced English proficiency

“I am still going through all your resources which are quite extensive. The website is supported with a Facebook page and a Youtube channel which helps learners who may prefer to learn or discover your materials through different media. You have obviously spent thousands of hours planning, posting and reviewing your resources and thus far i have been very impressed. What is unusual perhaps is that you are writing your resources from both a teaching and learning position which is very useful for me as a teacher and for my students who are studying at university.”

Tom Le Seelleur (Saudi Arabia, April 2022)

“I’m a Child Development Worker and at the same time student in the Philippines. Academic Marker is very useful for me. It’s a one stop shop 🤗 All the resources I need in my studies is in here and it helped me a lot. I don’t need to browse other website anymore because the contents are complete. Academic Marker is well organized and complete, and it is a user friendly website and its for free for everyone.”

Shairah Dimasangca (The Philippines, March 2022)

“I am graduate but I am currently pursuing advance English courses. I was struggling with sentences structures but after reviewing the content of your materials, I am now comfortable. The materials provided are concise. The language is easy to understand, the interactive lessons make learning enjoyable.”

Gbolo Bayontah (Ghana, October 2021)

“I found JUST what I was looking for. Exceptionally helpful, clear and concise material and it absolutely made my day. No errors. It was perfect.”

Blinda Dcouto (Australia, August 2021)

3. What guides Academic Marker?

As experienced students, tutors and educational leaders, we know what it means to be part of an academic community and how demanding university life can be, particularly in a second language. That’s why we created this platform – so that community members around the world could improve their English ability, avoid common pitfalls, achieve academic success, and generally enjoy the university experience. 


To help guide our learning support, assure quality, uphold academic values, and better guarantee equal access, we follow four educational principles:

Learners should have free access to high-quality, multimodal educational materials and should be encouraged to engage with these resources frequently, autonomously, reflectively and critically.

1st Principle

Learning outcomes and aims should be explicitly stated in the materials and should be informed by needs analysis, discipline requirements, modern practice, current research and EAP/ESP theory.

2nd Principle

E-learning courses and activities should follow a self-guided, task- and genre-based "microlearning" approach, being bite-sized, flexible and recycled so that learners can set study schedules, guide progress and reflect on development.

3rd Principle

Community members should be offered frequent opportunity for peer-to-peer and tutor feedback, ensuring that learners are able to ask questions, request explanations and receive critical commentary on progress and production.

4th Principle

4. What are “Academic Marks”?

“Academic Marks” encourage daily engagement with our e-learning materials, keeping our content secure but accessible. Earned by interacting with the platform, Marks provide community members with free access to hundreds of courses, activities, assignments, forums and other resources that support the development of academic English competencies. It’s easy to join our community and begin collecting these Marks – just sign up below using a personal or institutional email address.

Collect Academic Marks

🎁 Free to join the community
  • 40 Marks for joining
  • 15 Marks for daily e-learning
  • 20-30 Marks for leaving feedback
  • 50-250 Marks for referring your friends
Autumn 2022

5. Guidance for Students

Our pathways support those who are preparing to enter university, those who need assistance with academic assignments and publications, and even professionals who wish to enhance their communicative skills. Whether you’re in high school, university or the business world, Academic Marker is here to help learners with their literacy, language and study needs. 


To get started, students should:

join the community and make friends

reflect on strengths, weaknesses and needs

explore our Course Library, Practice Labs and Reading Hub pathways

collect free daily “Academic Marks” and engage with learning frequently

share experiences with others in the forums

contact us about personalised learning needs

6. Guidance for Tutors

High school teachers, EAP tutors and professors can also benefit from Academic Marker’s study pathways and academic support. Whether it’s to increase knowledge and confidence, find helpful classroom materials, or offer students high-quality homework and practice activities, our resources are focussed on both teaching and learning and are helpful for busy tutors.


To get started, tutors should:

join the community and involve their students

become familiar with our three study pathways and learning support

direct students to our pathways for homework and self-guided practice  

download and share activities, PDFs and PPTs

share experiences with others in the forums

contact us about personalised teaching needs

7. Copyright and Sharing 

We encourage sharing as part of our commitment to making educational resources free and accessible. All we ask is that community members read and follow our guidelines (and periodically check our privacy policy and terms and conditions for updates):

You are welcome to link directly to Academic Marker’s study pathways should doing so benefit your classmates, students or colleagues. While our content may be printed and shared freely provided that no financial sum is charged and our branding remains visible, our downloadable content should not be shared digitally without express written permission. Thanks for your help.

With classmates and colleagues ✓

Any academics who wish to link to Academic Marker via email, within course materials or through a Learning Management System are welcome to do so. Community members may also adapt and reuse our materials for academic purposes provided no financial sum is charged, our branding is visible, and a reference and hyperlink is provided. Thanks for understanding.

Within an academic institution ✓

8. Community Support 

Because it’s only through the support of students and tutors that we can improve Academic Marker, we warmly thank our community for their continued trust and feedback. If you’re new to the community and would like to say “thanks” for having free access to our study pathways, please consider:


referring your classmates or colleagues

writing feedback or leaving a testimonial

subscribing to our YouTube channel

following us on LinkedIn and Facebook

Academic Marker

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