Why are implications important in body support?

This is the third and final chapter about Supporting Details. To complete this reader, read each chapter carefully and then unlock and complete our materials to check your understanding.   

– Review the most useful support-detail elements, such as evidence, examples and explanations

– Focus specifically on the benefit of including careful body-paragraph implications

– Provide examples and activities to help guide the reader and improve comprehension and progress checking

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Chapter 3

Having discussed the various elements that belong in a successful body paragraph and focussed specifically on supporting details– namely the inclusion of evidence, examples and explanation, this third and final chapter explores the importance of providing implications within your body section. After completing this chapter, students should first consider unlocking and completing our Chapter 3 worksheet to check their progress, and then continue their studies with a related essay-writing short reader.

What are implications?

In addition to providing evidence, examples and explanations to convince your reader of the main ideas in your body paragraph, it’s important also that you include implications. Implications are used to make logical connections for the reader between the introductory thesis statement, the body-paragraph’s topic sentence and the supporting details. While these connections may be obvious for the writer, without stating them explicitly, the reader may be left confused about the logic of your essay – reducing your writing’s coherence and cohesion. Implications contextualise your findings. They explain why the information you have provided in a supporting detail is relevant, and they remind the reader of the central thesis of your essay and of the main ideas of that particular body paragraph.

By returning to our example evaluative essay on global warming (introduced in Chapter 1), we can exemplify clear connections between the main thesis of the essay, the body-paragraph’s topic sentence and main idea, and the implications provided in the supporting details. Carefully study the first supporting detail from the first body paragraph of this essay before reading on:


“Global warming is a relatively new phenomenon that may be providing more advantages than disadvantages for the future of healthy ecosystems on this planet. Discuss.”

The connection here between the supporting information, the topic sentence and the thesis is made clear by the implication. The thesis (the essay question) posits that ‘global warming has more benefits than negatives’, the topic sentence introduces the specific benefit of ‘increased plant-life’, the supporting details provide evidence, examples and explanations of this plant-life, and the implication clarifies for the reader how these details support the thesis that ‘global warming is not a threat’.

Conversely, in body paragraph 2, we can see supporting details for the opposing argument – that global warming is in fact damaging the environment:

In the topic sentence of this paragraph, we can see the main idea that ‘global warming is destroying existing species and environments’, with its supporting detail offering evidence and examples of this. The implication, then, at the end of this supporting detail, reminds the reader of how the extinction of animals has knock on effects that create significant consequences for the whole planet. It refers this detail back to the thesis, making connections for the reader about how global warming has negative effects on the planet overall.

Of course, it is not necessary to have implications for every supporting detail you provide, nor is it necessary for those implications to be placed at the end of the supporting detail to which they refer. As body-paragraph four of our example essay shows, sometimes an implication can come directly after the topic sentence. Here we can see the writer explaining to the reader why the ‘melting of the polar ice caps’ is so significant to the central thesis of this essay, i.e., why it has such negative effects on the planet. The explanation and evidence which follows this implication then provides the specific details that support the topic-sentence main idea:

Ultimately, as long as you remember to join the dots for the reader by providing implications from time to time within your supporting details you will encourage the reader to make the same connections as you between your source-based information (your evidence, examples and explanation), the topic sentence and the essay thesis statement. This should improve the coherence and cohesion of your essay, it should keep the reader focussed on your key arguments, and it should reduce the mental workload of your reader – making your writing more pleasurable to read.

3 of 3 Chapters Completed


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Chapter 1 explores the topic: What are supporting details in a body paragraph? Our Chapter 1 Worksheet (containing guidance, activities and answer keys) can be accessed here at the click of a button. 

Chapter 2 explores the topic: How can I add evidence, examples and explanation? Our Chapter 2 Worksheet (containing guidance, activities and answer keys) can be accessed here at the click of a button. 

Chapter 3 explores the topic: Why are implications important in body support? Our  Chapter 3 Worksheet (containing guidance, activities and answer keys) can be accessed here at the click of a button. 

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